Saturday, March 15, 2008

A magnificent day for Wales - a superb win against France to secure the Six Nations Grand Slam and triple Crown in front of a packed millennium stadium of 75,000 spectators. Having attended the college Open Day (while the kids played at Puddleducks day nursery in Tenby) we all settled down at Wat's to watch the match. It was a nail-biting hour and a half, but all the kids were so happy when the final whistle was blown.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A disturbed night with Geraint wandering and on manoeuvres throughout the night. Freya joined in after a couple of hours, so I cat-napped when I could. It was therefore hard to get going when we had to. But we were all out by 8am, had to be organised to beat the tide this morning. A quiet day in work sorting paperwork and doing some research in preparation for a busy day tomorrow. Weather-wise it is very wet and wild, this storm has not blown itself out yet. Another big tide expected tonight.

Monday, March 10, 2008

We survived the night...didn't get much sleep with the wind howling, rain lashing against the window and roof and the sudden gusts of wind. I stepped out an hour before high tide at about 7am to a wild, wet and freezinfg morning, with the tide right over the driveway and heading towards vehicles and buildings. At high water Watkin and Elaina came clambering in via the Big House, climbing over construction materials and in and out of ditches. The kids and I were staying put, and rather cold due to the fire blowing itself out overnight. But we soon had things going again. Clothes came out of the tumble dryer, the fire was soon roaring and we all had tea and toast. The kids were well-chuffed at having the day off. With severe weather warnings all over the west, it seemed the safest option. I posted some video clips onto FacBook, logged on to work email to keep in touch, and then settled the kids down in front of their favourite films and websites.


Just rediscovered my blog, by chance, googling Landshipping. Reading those first couple of blogs, I had mixed feelings - I am still living my Landshippng life, with the kids, but I am head of the family now, so things have not quite worked out as I expected...but that's life I guess. My enthusiasm and love for Landshipping is unabated, but having found this site I feel I should update! Well, it's 12.30am, and I am riding out (yet another) storm. This one was the lead news item on Radion 4 this morning! We had out day, as usual - riding, a yomp and ice cream down the beach, the last of the Pembrokeshire turkey for Sunday lunch (which came out of the freezer as succulent as it went in), followed by a glass of wine in front of the telly. I got the little kids home and into bed before high tide, to make sure we could get to the front door of our magnificent eco-home, just yards from the water. I have been updating my FaceBook page and keeping an ear and eye on what is going on outside. Very noisy and slightly shaky. I have the washing on, so hard to tell what's spin drier and what is gale force wind, buffeting me slightly. The biggest tide is first thing in the morning, so we will have to wait and see what daybreak brings.